About Us


Gulvkompagniet was founded in 1988 as a total supplier for floor sanding. Our consept is to be a service provider for the professional actors in this market, and we work constantly to serve and offer our customers the best possible solutions and tools. Trough the years passing, the merchandise range have expanded to include machines and equipment for the rental branch (DIYS) and for sanding and treatmeant of concrete, marble, granite, etc. Our company is also supplying a complete range of coatings for nearly any kind of floors.

Gulvkompagniet is the leading supplier to Norwegian contractors engaged in the floor sanding industri. Our product range consists - beyond our range of private labels, of products from well known companies like 3M, Künzle & Tasin, SIA, Bona etc. Further, we possess an unique competance and know-how of floor sanding in general that is a valuable, and highly appreciated support, to our customers and their clients.

Protection of the environment is an important consideration in business decisions. Consideration of potential health and environmental effects - as well as present and future regulatory requirements, is an early, integral part of every planning process. Company products, services, processes and facilities are planned and operated to incorporate objectives and targets that are periodically reviewed to minimize the creation of waste, pollution and any adverse impact on health and the environment. Gulvkompagniet is constantly aiming an environment friendly product range. This handeled of by our range of high quality products that lasts longer - and because of this, generates less garbage and litter. The same policy is ruling our choice of varnish and oils. However, in some cases a solvent-based product might be a better choice. Some of these articles last longer and need less maintenance. Under these circumstances the increased use of solvents during application, is equalized by the reduced need for maintenance, resanding and reapplication of varnish/oil.

Gulvkompagniet's goal is to be a flexible actor, sensible to changes and trends in time, constantly looking for better methods and solutions for our customers. However, we will always be faithful to our roots and offer products and services firmly based in Norwegian skill and workmanship.

For further information or requests in English, kindly call us at +47 22 92 45 45 or send a mail info@gulvkompagniet.no. You are of course even welcome to use our mail address: Gulvkompagniet AS, Smestadveien 5, 0376 Oslo, Norway.